Having 22 years of photography experience and 350+ wedding shoots under his belt, Zaq at Zuercher photography has all of the equipment, experience, and knowledge needed to ensure that your wedding, event, or portraits will come out better than you could have imagined.

Zuercher Boise Wedding Photography

Zaq and Tara

Why Hire Zuercher Photography?

1. Zaq has been doing this so long he is well prepared for any situation. He will not show up to your event with dead batteries or forgotten equipment.

2. You will get a pre-event planning session of your venue so you know exactly what setups will work best at that location, what exactly Zaq will be up to the whole time, and be better prepared to get the best photos possible from the best angles and lighting conditions.

3. Zaq makes an extra effort to make sure that he takes photos of all your family and friends at the wedding or event. This way you never have to worry about him missing a great moment or other detail. You will end up with many great photos of your friends, family, and other guests throughout your event.

4. Having seen lots of great stuff over the years, Zaq can help coach you on different poses and scenarios for your photos. You will end up with many one of a kind amazing and creative shots that non-professional photographers would not be able to get for you.

5. You get to keep your photos! Zaq offers a buyout release option with his photo packages which allows you to take complete ownership of them for future printing or other uses. Most other photographers retain a copyright of all photos and won’t allow you to have free ownership and use of them.

6. Zaq is proficient at computerized photo re-touching and can make many different types of enhancements to your photos. Some things that have been corrected in the past are:

  • Color and lighting correction
  • Removal of scars, birthmarks, acne, teeth braces, and background objects from portrait shots
  • Adding or removing people or other items using photoshop
  • Custom effects such as blurred edges, lighting vignettes, collages, fades, black and white conversions, black and white with color accents, and many others…

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Zuercher photography has been my photographer for over 20 years. He does heirloom quality portraits. In all of these years I have never been disappointed. He kept my daughters wedding on track for time while giving the bride and groom the feeling that they have all the time they need. (It's their day attitude.) With Zuercher Photography I've found that I've gotten traditional photo's to fun & spontaneous to the new contemporary/shabby sheik . He spent about two hours with my daughter and son in law a few weeks before the wedding just seeing what poses they want, photos they expect to have done and what over-all look they are expecting, etc... Truly, this photographer is AMAZING! - Tia