It takes a lot of skill to get pictures to come out good when they are being taken. But nothing can beat the work of a professional photo retoucher to make them really outstanding. Color correction is just the start of what can be done to improve an image. Modifications can be done to remove blemishes, scars, add or remove backgrounds, and much more.

Have someone in your photos you don’t want there anymore? Was the background not exactly what you wanted? I can fix it! I can add or remove people, backgrounds, or other elements to create truly one of a kind portraits that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

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Head Swap and Color Correction

Boise Photo Retouching

This family wanted to get a nice canvas print of their children and their cousins. The image on the right is the original as it was shot. You can see that the oldest child wasn’t smiling very good in this image. He was smiling good in one of the other photos I took though. So I was able to do a swap and added his smiling face as you can see from the image on the left. Since this was going to be printed on canvas I did a bit of a softening effect and some color correction to really help it have more detail and a richer look.

Color Correction and Lighting Enhancement

Photo Color Correction Boise

Adjusting the color and lighting of an image can take it from plain and ordinary to amazing. Notice how the details stand out better and the colors have a deeper more dramatic look.

Background Change and Subject Removal

Portrait Head Swap

During this photo shoot I was able to get photos of both the children smiling but never at the same time. So I was able to use photoshop and do a head swap to make it so that both kids appear to be smiling in the same image. Sometimes its hard to get children to cooperate but when you know how to work the editing magic you can still get a great portrait in the end. I also did some color and lighting correction to enhance the appearance of the portrait.